Mission & Vision

New American Africans – Together We Will Be Stronger!


New American Africans (NAA) is a self-supportive community group for refugees living in New Hampshire. NAA was formed in 2004 to help newly arrived Africans integrate into their new community by building bridges with local institutions to help families meet their basic needs. NAA addresses institutional barriers through outreach, education and advocacy efforts with key providers and decision makers, while also providing classes and programs to educate and empower refugees and immigrants.


The mission of New American Africans is to strengthen and sustain immigrants by gathering for mutual support and education, promoting leadership development and sharing values and culture that will enrich the broader community.


Through African leadership, New American Africans develops strong immigrant communities that reflect diverse cultural perspectives by promoting collaboration, equity, resilience and opportunities to thrive with dignity and respect.

Our goals are to help new Americans:

  • Integrate into American society;
  • Understand American laws as well as their personal rights;
  • Develop social and economic skills that will enhance both their personal welfare and their contributions to their local communities;
  • Access information and resources to promote their self-sufficiency;
  • Forge a deeper understanding of the role of family in American society and how their cultural family values can best be integrated, and;
  • Resolve conflicts that arise from cultural differences between their traditional culture and American culture.

Honore Murenzi, Director

4 Park Street
P.O. Box 2501
Concord, NH 03302
(603) 219-5219

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