After School Program

Do you enjoy helping others? Would you like to see the next generation of immigrants and refugees progress?  Come and join us in our after school program.  The New American Africans (NAA) after school program takes place between 4pm and 5pm at Immaculate Heart of Mary church, Monday to Friday to help immigrants learn and improve their English skills.  It is also a place where young kids gather to share their stories and make new connections with each other. The NAA after school program provides learning activities for immigrants of all ages.  We have students from all over the world who need help with school assignments and in getting acclimated to life in the United States.

The students are enthusiastic and grateful to have a place they can go to and get some help.  They need a place where their voices can be heard and for them to talk about their day and what is going on in their lives.   This program provides them tutors and mentors to listen to them and show them the way to succeed. “I saw a 15 year old high school student teaching an adult how to read and write. It was a powerful moment for me because they were both engaged and attentive to what they were doing. The student was patient and used everything he could find to make the learner understand. It is amazing to see American kids actively participating in the learning potential of these students.”

We invite you to come be a part of the NAA after school program.  Everyone can help and bring something to the table.  It is not about how much you know.  It’s about the difference you can make in someone’s life.  Our students are from all different races and age group who are eager to learn and to become part of this community. There’s no fix schedule required.  Everyone is welcome any day. All it takes is the desire to help others from around the world learn and grow.


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