NHPR: “The Story of the Bhutanese”

[November 12, 2012] – NHPR’s The Exchange with Brady Carlson.

For the past few years they’ve been our state’s largest incoming refugee group with hundreds coming every year.  A new documentary explores their journeys from nearly twenty years in refugee camps to new lives in the Granite State.

To listen to the show, click here.


Narad Adhikari –  An activist for 20 years on behalf of human rights and democracy in Bhutan. He arrived in Manchester with his wife and children in 2011 after spending 20 years in a refugee camp in Nepal.

Tika Acharya – Executive Director of the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire, a nonprofit organization that works on behalf of Bhutanese refugees.  He arrived in Manchester with his family in 2009. He and his family lived for almost 18 years as refugees in Nepal after being driven out of Bhutan.

William Gillett – Chairman of the International Institute of New England, a non-profit organization that helps to resettle refugees and immigrants in the region.

For information on this topic, visit the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire website. Or call  603-261-0629.


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