Love Your Neighbor Gathering at NOON on August 9th at Site of Racist Graffiti in Concord

Be there … and help us show that Concord is a Welcoming Community!!

Concord Community Welcomes Newcomers

Love Your Neighbor Gathering at NOON TOMORROW at Site of Racist Graffiti

CONCORD, NH  [August 8, 2012] — New American Africans, an immigrant-led organization devoted to building bridges between immigrants/refugees and their new communities, has called for another Love Your Neighbor gathering in the Concord neighborhood where racist graffiti has once more targeted an African family at their home.

“This hideous act of racism is heartbreaking, but we will respond with love and welcome,” said Honore Murenzi, the organization’s founder and director.  “Concord is my home, and I know the people here are good.  We will do what we need to do to show this family, and each other, that we are a community of love.”

The Love Your Neighbor events began in September 2011 when New American Africans joined with area church leaders to respond to the appearance of racist messages written on the homes of three African families who had resettled in Concord.  The person who committed those acts has not yet been apprehended.

“While the act of the graffiti is startling for the community, the expression of hostility to immigrants and refugees is unfortunately not rare,” said Maggie Fogarty, immigrant rights activist with the American Friends Service Committee, and a board member of New American Africans.  “Immigrants are being persecuted and dehumanized every day in the United States.  When we gather to say Love your Neighbor, we are pushing back against an enormous wave of discrimination and hate.”

“We will do this whenever we have to,” says Murenzi, “to show that we are always ready to stand up for love and for the community.”

The Love Your Neighbor gathering will take place on Thursday, August 9 at 12 noon on Thompson Street in Concord at the site of the most recent incident.  The program will include songs and words of welcome from community leaders and members.  All are welcome and invited to Wear YELLOW to show support.

Contact:  Honore Murenzi, New American Africans, (603)219-5219

Maggie Fogarty, American Friends Service Committee (603)988-7115


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