New American Africans Works to Provide Livable Housing

“Banishing Bedbugs” [September 13, 2009]

“Four years, $50,000, a two-week-long evacuation and countless hours of volunteer labor later, the Langdon Mill building in Manchester is bedbug-free. Or just about. On Wednesday evening, as men carrying brand-new mattresses maneuvered through the building’s narrow hallways, signs of infestation persisted in three of the 20 units.

“‘We need to have someone here for a few weeks more,’ Maggie Fogarty said, looking up from her clipboard. Fogarty, a housing advocate and community organizer, has been leading efforts to rid the building of bedbugs. She and others involved with the project, call it a success – a far cry from when the building’s 15 families, most of whom are refugees from Africa and Eastern Europe, were bit nightly…

“Fogarty, who’s with the American Friends Service Committee, and other outside groups became involved this spring. Honore Murenzi, director of a group called the New American Africans, had been trying to find emergency housing for a young African woman who didn’t want to bring her newborn home from the hospital because of the bedbugs…” To read the full article by Maddie Hanna for the Concord Monitor, click here.


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